Open Research Assistantship:

We are currently seeking a full- or part-time graduate research assistant to conduct analyses of a large database of functional magnetic resonance images (fMRI) using state-of-the-art methods. Full-time funding is currently available for a period of at least six months (ideal for an extended rotation project), with the possibility of extending the project duration and/or joining the lab full-time pending successful grant applications and/or progress on the project. This opportunity is likely to result in co-authorship on at least one manuscript.


  • must be a current MA/MS or PhD student at Boston University
  • minimum BS degree in neuroscience, computer science, mathematics, or engineering disciplines
  • at least some familiarity with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • strong computational and mathematical background
  • basic programming abilities with MATLAB and/or Python
  • ability to investigate and solve problems relatively independently

Ideal candidate would have:

  • experience using common neuroimaging tools including FreeSurfer, FSL, and/or SPM
  • understanding of statistical issues in fMRI including correlation, general linear models, and multiple comparisons problems
  • basic understanding of graph theory / network analysis
  • previous experience with Linux and managing relatively large amounts of data
  • working knowledge of human brain anatomy including speech / language systems

Interested individuals should contact jbohland at bu.edu directly and include a CV and brief statement of interest.

Ongoing research opportunities:

We are continually interested in working with outstanding students at all levels. In general, we require students with a relatively strong computational background, ideally with some programming experience. If you are interested in conducting and/or assisting with research in the Quantitative Neuroscience Lab, please contact Prof. Bohland directly at jbohland at bu.edu. Please include a copy of your resume / CV, and a short statement of your interest in the lab. Undergraduate students may be asked to volunteer for an initial period of time, and/or to apply for funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.