Postdoctoral Associate Position

We are currently seeking applications for a postdoctoral associate to carry out psychophysical, physiological, and computational studies, which aim to determine how speakers use auditory feedback to guide the sequential production of speech. Full-time funding is currently available for a period of at least two years. There is a possibility of engaging in additional independent or collaborative research including computational and/or brain imaging studies.


• PhD in neuroscience, speech science, biomedical or electrical engineering, or a related field
• Strong technical, mathematical, and computational skills
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Programming experience using MATLAB, Python, or R
• Ability to investigate and solve problems relatively independently

Ideal candidate would have:

• Experience conducting human subjects research
• Experience analyzing speech acoustics
• Experience with multivariate statistical approaches and machine learning
• Experience with Northern Digital Wave or other articulatory monitoring systems
• Experience with computational / neural network modeling
• Working knowledge of human brain functional anatomy including speech and language systems

Interested individuals should contact Dr. Bohland directly at jbohland@bu.edu and include a CV and a brief statement of interest and availability.

Ongoing research opportunities:

We are continually interested in working with outstanding students at all levels. In general, we require students with a relatively strong computational background, ideally with some programming experience. If you are interested in conducting and/or assisting with research, please contact Dr. Bohland directly at jbohland@bu.edu. Please include a copy of your resume / CV, and a short statement of your interest in the lab. Undergraduate students may be asked to volunteer for an initial period of time, and/or to apply for funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.